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Ohio CDC Association

Ohio Community Development Corporations Association

The Ohio Community Development Corporations Association works to revitalize lower-income neighborhoods by creating and expanding business opportunities. These job opportunities help address food deserts, unemployment, and rebuilding properties.

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Many private businesses will not invest in these programs because of the lack of investment in them in the past, creating an endless spiral of marginalized communities being left behind.

Capitol Partners worked with the CDC Association in the last budget to create the Mainstream Job Recovery Program and leverage state funds. We were successful in showing how the CDC Association works to create jobs and businesses and were able to secure $250,000 in funding each year.

This funding allowed three programs to be created in Cleveland, Columbus, and Dayton.

In Cleveland, Clevlawn was able to work to hire individuals who were recently released from prison or justice involved. Based on the grant they received from the state funding, four employees were able to be hired full-time.

In Columbus, Cafe Off Parsons Ave was able to hire full-time employees who are in the reentry process from having an extended period of unemployment. Capitol Partners is working to increase the line item to $1 million each year. With this increase in funding, the CDC Association anticipates that 12 new programs could be created.

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